Monday, 16 August 2021

Finding our Inner Strength


So a month has passed since my last blog but time seems to be losing its meaning and keeping a grip on the passing of time seems almost impossible. So much is happening and yet at the same time, so little. I have said before how I rarely watch the news but lately it’s been impossible to avoid the news coming in. Like the sun that is at its full power the harshness of what is occurring around the world and at home, is being reflected whether its in the political, economic or ecological stories. It all needs processing in some way or else we become completely numb to it.

Leaving Cancer and working hard to feel everything, however, difficult that might be, we are now arriving in Leo. We are leaving the embrace of the mother energy and connecting with the father. The sun, that represents the royal seed, the divine inheritance in us all, asks us to dig deep into our individual power and wield it with love and empathy. 

One of the first books I read on the occult struck a chord with me when it spoke of balancing the masculine straight line energy with the feminine circular energy. It explained that this combination creates a spiral, the foundations of life itself.

I believe, we have lost our understanding of power, and are out of kilter. As the individual continues to maintain importance over community we are heading further into crisis. The masculine attributes, with the removal of the feminine, are masquerading as strength when actually we, as a society are floundering. 

Of course, this is a general view and where there are those who break the rule, we see pockets of communities flourishing and thriving. However, you don’t have to look far to see people in crisis, people struggling to hold back feelings of overwhelm or intense anger, 

I believe it is important to recognise what is going on for people and enable them to voice their pain. When we stifle our feelings we create a brittle exterior that does little to hide our suffering. If people are given space to speak about their fears, explain what is going on for them, just being listened to can work wonders. On the other hand, when we find ourselves on the other side, the side of the witness, it is important not to attempt to solve the problems. This a trait we all can so easily fall into. 

It is time for us to relearn how to engage with each other, how to engage with our community and how to understand our own sense of power. 

It is time to let go of our need to be right, our need to know everything and our fear of failure or of not being control. All these beliefs have led us into a cutthroat and competitive way fo life, where at the extremities of society, the have nots are literally being trampled on by the haves and those in the middle are complicit either in their desperate attempt to raise their status or in their silence. Only the few are trying to turn this around.

It is not my aim to judge, justify or blame, as I am very much part of this story.  However, it is my hope that by writing these words I, as I cannot speak for anyone else, can find a way, an energy within me, a sense of purpose that gives power to my words which will lead to a change in myself.

As I have explored, discussed and meditated on all these ideas I have learned that there is always an alternative if we simply change the direction of our gaze, reset our inner guidance system. The more I ground myself, digging my garden and connecting with Mother Earth, the stronger my roots are. This enables me to connect with my inner strength and all my masculine qualities, which can then secure my sense of resilience and help me to embody my power. 

We would do well to connect our masculine with our feminine attributes (if we have reclaimed them in Cancer) so we can find a state of balance, for power without love is weakness and love without power is what we see all around us today. I feel we have lost the true understanding of both of these virtues and until we connect to our divinity, our divine sense of self we will never regain our true power or learn how to wield it. How can we know what we don’t know?

If we decide to choose a different path we might find a route illuminated with answers. But first, before we make this decision we would do well do empty our mind of probable outcomes, for this will limit our possibilities. Then, like the Leo lion, we might choose to sit and tend the fire, allow the inspiration from within to rise up from the stillness, and listen.

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