Monday, 15 November 2021

Face to Face with our Future Self


What a month we’ve had, as we’ve moved into autumn and watching the leaves fall from the trees I sense the symbolism of what this means for us and our society. I want to talk about the beauty of Mother Nature and how she displays her rich spectrum of colour from the green of the heart back to the red of the root chakra and into decay. As we are encouraged to engage with this wonderful spectacle, it is important to recognise that she is also demonstrating that as we step into life we are also learning and then preparing to die and that it is beautiful.

How can we learn to trust this process without falling into extreme fear? Although this is inevitable, sadly, I believe we are being led by fear. I have spent a few years now embracing the wisdom that archetypal knowledge offers and this month is probably the most powerful and most important of all the months. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, God of the Underworld, and as a culture we are still struggling to acknowledge what is going on here. The more we ignore this truth and suppress the fear it brings up for us, the more danger we put ourselves in.

I followed COP26 as much as I could bear. Nothing surprised me. I have always understood that it was never going to be the politicians that would lead us out of our crisis; it will be a grassroots initiate, communities creating change and probably led by the children first and foremost.

How can we, as citizens, let go of our need to trust those in power and see that they are, like the Pied Piper, leading us over the cliff. When we wake up and choose to put the power back into ourselves as individuals working within our community then we can choose positive change. 

If we are truly going to do this then we need to look at ourselves from the inside out and really understand ourselves, warts and all. It is time to watch our own behaviour, our ability to be baited and rise to anger when pushed, or even when we’re not even pushed. This is important on or offline.

If we arrive at the table and have no experience of dealing with our own suppressed emotions, which includes most of us in our Western culture, then we are just going to create havoc. We don’t have a great deal of time and I feel now, more than ever, we need to sink into the murky waters that this time of year offers, with the wisdom of Mother Nature and Pluto, and engage with what we are truly feeling. 

This takes work, a willingness to slow down, it takes being quiet with ourselves and an ability to listen to our bodies and our hearts. What are we ignoring, what are the feelings and thoughts that want to come up from the depths of our being, that we spend so much of our time distracting ourselves so we don’t have to listen? However painful it might be, we can’t turn our backs to these inner voices any more.

I learned on my astrology course that it was Jesus who said something to the tune of what you allow up from the depths will save you, what you keep hidden will destroy you. Such prophetic words and I believe that this is not only true on a personally level but also now on a cultural level.

The COP26, I believe, was a cop out. While people have said this time will go down in history, I agree, but not how we would like to see it. We will look back at this date and wonder what opportunities we let slip through our hands. Are we ready to acknowledge how we are failing ourselves and our future? However, I don’t think the main event was in the auditorium. Often, just like with the Edinburgh Festival, some people are only interested in the fringe events and I believe the streets of Glasgow held a much more important gathering of people, real people wanting to unite in their hopes and dreams for the future.

So I want to ask what are you going to do this Christmas? Is it business as usual or are you prepared to make changes that will make this Christmas a special one for all the right reasons, a time of good will and joy. You don’t have to be religious to see that spending lots of money does not make a good Christmas. We would do well to engage in simplicity and a gentle way of walking on this earth if we want to enjoy many more Christmases in the future,

That is my wish for us all and I can only hope that you will agree.

There is a flip side, as I believe everything has a duality, a yin/yang or positive/negative aspect, and archetypes are no different. The positive side to this archetype is the connection and deepening immersion in life we gain when we dare to peek behind the veil and embrace the world beyond the physical. Here, we can communicate with our guides, our ancestors and those who live connected to this aspect of life as a norm. It is very easy, I believe to get stuck in the fear, but when we are prepared to stop, breathe and listen we find there are communities in this world who have all the wisdom we need if we are humble enough to hear what they are saying and how they have been living for millennia. 

I receive daily medititions from Marianne Williamson at the moment, and today's mantra was 'a minute before extinction... or a minute before the miracle'

This is where we are and which we choose is totally up to us. I know which I will choose.

Tuesday, 19 October 2021

A Life held in Balance

Autumn has presented itself to us in quite a gentle manner this year, a gradual changing of the colours giving way to a beautiful vision, blending the full spectrum from, green to yellow, orange and then red; the metaphorical rainbow peace offering.

This moment is very much the time to feast our eyes on Mother Nature as she displays her final bow, the leaves turning and falling, before retreating to the winter months of hibernation. She is teaching us that while all things must die, this can also be beautiful. Here we see life held in balance, the days and nights are equal in length as we arrive at the Autumn Equinox and for the first time we can see ourselves mirrored in the Spring Equinox at the very start of our journey. 

The astrology mirrors this whole heartedly, as does this story when looked at in relation to the journey of the lifetime experience.

For the first time, after all the self-absorption that comes with childhood we are now reaching adulthood. This maturity allows us to step into our hearts, look at the ‘other’, the ‘lover’, and see that we all grow when we recognise that life is about experiencing ourselves through the reflection of all that we bring into our lives. We are deeply connected to all of nature; the good, what we think might be the bad, and even what we might want to call the ugly.  When we recognise that it is all perfect we might let go of these judgements?

The libra archetype shows us the scales of justice, of fairness. Here we are invited to recognise the beautiful idea, that everyone benefits when we see life from a broader perspective. This takes imagination and a creative mind, this takes an ability to dream and then manifest it.

The outrageous beauty that Mother Nature gifts us, for our eyes to feast on, reminds us that we too have natural way of being, this power, that we are creative beyond our wildest dreams. We just need to set this desire in our hearts and let the winds of change bring in all the things we wish to surround ourselves with. 

What would you choose? What is amazing is that most of us would choose almost the same things; a life filled with love, a roof over our heads and food in our belly. 

If these are things we all want why do we find them so impossible to manifest into our world.

I sense that we are so out of balance that we believe our current state of lack is normal, just as we are taught there is not enough for everyone. Even when we might have plenty we sense into the emptiness we feel as a collective, the pain of separation from Mother Earth, and ourselves. We feel that change is more terrifying than having the world we most yearn for, as we lack the imagination or experience to imagine the love and feeling of reconnection available to us all. Why else would we not choose that everyone had the basic gifts of life we all deserve and believe that this choice is somehow someone else's problem to solve. 

It is my belief that all these things are actually not that difficult to achieve if we all choose them collectively. If we look around we can see many individuals and collectives are already moving in this direction, it simply doesn’t get enough airplay; the good news rarely does.

We can create anything we would like to have in our lives, we just have to remove the blocks that tell us we don’t deserve them or that they're unrealistic; conditioning which has curbed our ability to manifest a fair world. This is the big issue, as these blocks are hidden deep within our ancestral history and the pain they have created has been pushed down so far we are not even aware of its existence. This is what we are up against, we live with the reaction without understanding where it has come from.

At this stage of our journey, as we arrive at our heart chakra, the half way point, we sense our life is held in balance. We are invited to be open, vulnerable and kind; kind to ourselves and those around us. We have not only lost this way of being but judge, especially the vulnerable part, not to be good. We would do well to look deeper for when we truly step into the heart it brings us the wisdom and the ability to listen to our bodies that hold all the ancient truths without the judgement of the mind. Here is where we all connect.

Rather than taking this simple step, we have chosen to ignore our inner truth and instead concentrate on listening to each other in all our pain. We have built stories that separate us from each other and create hatred that enables us to do terrible things to each other and ourselves. We just have to look around to see this happening in our society.

It is my desire to shift our reactions back to felt responses, to create a vision of a world based on compassion and truly listening and understanding each other.

When people hold a different opinion to my beliefs, rather than step into being right or different, I want to step into their shoes and truly see through their eyes, see the similarities not the differences, have empathy and realise we actually all want the same things. Once we stop putting up our defence mechanisms and our protective armoury we can find that conflict is a gift to seeing our way to a better way of working together, where everyone feels heard and can bring their truth to the table whether their views are dissenting or consenting.

Dissenters have always been conveniently removed from society as inappropriate and it is time we re-evaluated what this has done to the beautiful idea of our world. Without dissenters we will never grow out of this painful place we find ourselves in, where we vigilantly uphold our right to be right, even though all we continue to create and see in our society is inequality and injustices. Surely this needs rethinking?

Beneath the anger and pain there is only love, let’s drop the need to be right and listen to each other and our hearts so that we can begin to find common ground and common good.

Photo: Mark Brookes taken at the Jewish Museum Berlin

Monday, 20 September 2021

Feeding the Future with Hope

Every step we take, takes us a little closer. Whether we know our destination or not it is important to find joy and acceptance in knowing that the journey is preparing us for something. This month is all about the harvest, inviting us to collect the fruits of our labour. Having spent the summer in my new garden I can completely relate to the importance of honouring the gifts that pour from Mother Earth, all for free. We are also being called to work hard, get our hands dirty and make sure we are set for the winter ahead.

As the supermarket shelves are so much emptier and a general murmur of worry can be felt as to how this is going to pan out, I was very grateful for our town council bringing together many of our local food suppliers and those interested in how food comes from the field to the fork, so that we can begin to look at these issues earnestly. We are being called to look ahead, prepare for the changes that are already here.

Virgo, is that potential, the apprentice who is learning and discovering their role, what cog in the big wheel of life they are about to become. We are being asked to reinvent ourselves, look to where we have gone off course and how we can make the necessary changes which will allow us to live more sustainably on the earth. How can we create a food chain that is local and in line with Mother Nature’s ways and wisdom? It is time and the quicker we relearn ways of living and get to the very heart, the detail of what is needed, the less we need to fear and more we can work together and learn to trust ourselves, each other and our community as a whole. 

I feel it is really important to start using our imagination to create solutions to the problems we are facing. We are having to deal with many changes at the moment and it is up to all of us to look at ways of reaping some benefits from some of the decisions we have made. This is important so that we don’t get caught up in anxiety or blame,

Virgo is all about healing and what can be gained from being in touch with our body. I believe, that just to start with, changing the way we source our food and the way we eat, would be a huge benefit to our community and whoever wants to investigate these ideas; we may soon discover it will be a necessity.

When we are open to the power of imagination and what our bodies can teach us, when we listen and honour them, when we bring all this together, surely we will be able to work through any difficult times ahead with purpose, strength and confidence.

Monday, 16 August 2021

Finding our Inner Strength


So a month has passed since my last blog but time seems to be losing its meaning and keeping a grip on the passing of time seems almost impossible. So much is happening and yet at the same time, so little. I have said before how I rarely watch the news but lately it’s been impossible to avoid the news coming in. Like the sun that is at its full power the harshness of what is occurring around the world and at home, is being reflected whether its in the political, economic or ecological stories. It all needs processing in some way or else we become completely numb to it.

Leaving Cancer and working hard to feel everything, however, difficult that might be, we are now arriving in Leo. We are leaving the embrace of the mother energy and connecting with the father. The sun, that represents the royal seed, the divine inheritance in us all, asks us to dig deep into our individual power and wield it with love and empathy. 

One of the first books I read on the occult struck a chord with me when it spoke of balancing the masculine straight line energy with the feminine circular energy. It explained that this combination creates a spiral, the foundations of life itself.

I believe, we have lost our understanding of power, and are out of kilter. As the individual continues to maintain importance over community we are heading further into crisis. The masculine attributes, with the removal of the feminine, are masquerading as strength when actually we, as a society are floundering. 

Of course, this is a general view and where there are those who break the rule, we see pockets of communities flourishing and thriving. However, you don’t have to look far to see people in crisis, people struggling to hold back feelings of overwhelm or intense anger, 

I believe it is important to recognise what is going on for people and enable them to voice their pain. When we stifle our feelings we create a brittle exterior that does little to hide our suffering. If people are given space to speak about their fears, explain what is going on for them, just being listened to can work wonders. On the other hand, when we find ourselves on the other side, the side of the witness, it is important not to attempt to solve the problems. This a trait we all can so easily fall into. 

It is time for us to relearn how to engage with each other, how to engage with our community and how to understand our own sense of power. 

It is time to let go of our need to be right, our need to know everything and our fear of failure or of not being control. All these beliefs have led us into a cutthroat and competitive way fo life, where at the extremities of society, the have nots are literally being trampled on by the haves and those in the middle are complicit either in their desperate attempt to raise their status or in their silence. Only the few are trying to turn this around.

It is not my aim to judge, justify or blame, as I am very much part of this story.  However, it is my hope that by writing these words I, as I cannot speak for anyone else, can find a way, an energy within me, a sense of purpose that gives power to my words which will lead to a change in myself.

As I have explored, discussed and meditated on all these ideas I have learned that there is always an alternative if we simply change the direction of our gaze, reset our inner guidance system. The more I ground myself, digging my garden and connecting with Mother Earth, the stronger my roots are. This enables me to connect with my inner strength and all my masculine qualities, which can then secure my sense of resilience and help me to embody my power. 

We would do well to connect our masculine with our feminine attributes (if we have reclaimed them in Cancer) so we can find a state of balance, for power without love is weakness and love without power is what we see all around us today. I feel we have lost the true understanding of both of these virtues and until we connect to our divinity, our divine sense of self we will never regain our true power or learn how to wield it. How can we know what we don’t know?

If we decide to choose a different path we might find a route illuminated with answers. But first, before we make this decision we would do well do empty our mind of probable outcomes, for this will limit our possibilities. Then, like the Leo lion, we might choose to sit and tend the fire, allow the inspiration from within to rise up from the stillness, and listen.

Monday, 19 July 2021

Diving in the Deep End


Summer has well and truly arrived and this month is a hot one. Now this is nothing new but somehow as I sense into the extremes that Mother Nature is throwing at us I recognise the extremes we are throwing back at her. 

After the busyness of last month’s activity and energy, once again we feel the contrast as we slip into what the astrologers call, the sweet spot, when we can see, taste and smell the nectar all around us. This is an invitation to slow into this feeling state, after the heady, thinking activities of Gemini.

This month is ruled by the moon, our mother, the deep feminine wisdom that we all have access to if we filter out the noise from the brain and drop into our emotions, our feelings. Here we feel ourselves expand, tingle and who knows what can arise. We can begin to feel vulnerable here, and unaccustomed to these feelings, we generally run away and head back up to the rational processes of the brain. This is the world we inhabit as a culture and this is what has caused the crisis we are now facing on an increasing scale. 

This month is symbolised by the crab, with its hard outer shell and soft inner belly. For millennia, we have developed the former but forgotten the latter. Now we are experiencing younger generations who, although many are repeating the parents way, some are beginning to open up to this vulnerability and are feeling everything. This, with what is being handed down to them, is mostly very painful. Generations of numbing ourselves from feeling has placed our children in an unprotected place. There is little handed down wisdom how to find resilience to this wide open way of being. It is something we have generally neglected to have in our tool kit; it wasn’t taught so it wasn’t passed down.

However, I am not placing blame here, I am just trying to make sense of what is happening and how to move forward with the awareness.

I believe, the wisdom is there; the healing, the resilience, the ability to remember how to negotiate these times is innate in us all. Those that wish to participate emotionally in these changing times just have to slow, breathe and feel in, everything we need is there.

We also have the support of the mother energy. When we tap in she is holding, guiding us and connecting us so we don’t have to feel we are doing this alone. It’s not only that we can’t do this alone but the answer is in knowing that doing it together is the only way we can succeed. We are being asked to drop out of our ego mind mentality and dive into our feeling familial senses. 

This month’s archetypal energy is all about family, tapping into our roots our ancestry. When we bring all past and present kin and kindness together we can move forward with our community engaging as a caring, cohesive and  sustainable body.

When I saw an article in the Guardian that announced that the Amazon rainforest is now emitting more carbon than it is absorbing, my heart sank. We speak of tipping points and targets but this is a moment, I feel, this requires some time for reflection. A time to consider with our heads and sense with our hearts, what comes up for me? 

After a lifetime of suppressing emotions, a way of being, handed down by my family’s need to protect itself again religious and racial persecution, I have chosen - as this persecution isn’t something I experience, just a collective trauma embedded in my body - to attempt to break the ingrained patterning and learn to feel again.

Knowing I am one of many, a whole community of people treading this path, makes it easier. However, the emotions that are released, even though they are highly controlled, as is my way, feel like a volcano on a ticking bomb, beautifully in sync with the timing our environment is currently working on.

Listening to Greta’s clear and beautiful statement at the Austrian World Summit, spoke to so many as she told the politicians what they are too scared to face; the fact that all these summits are just a smoke screen for appearing to do everything while actually doing nothing, putting our Mercurial jester in the headlines once more.

The changes will never happen if we expect our leaders to do it for us. This was never going to be easy, it will be painful, scary and messy but it is for us to wake up to and lead them, show them how to come back to their hearts as we come back to ours.      

I hope you feel this too and are willing to dive in.

Friday, 11 June 2021

Rewriting our Story


As the year gets close to the half way point, I like to reflect on the different cycles in our lives and how they impact us, whether they are the turn of the day to night, or the phases of the moon or the yearly cycle, each have their unique qualities but each also reflect each other.

The solstices for me hold huge portent and this one never more so. The archetypal wisdom that this month holds is all about the twins, the understanding of the two states that we inhabit, the physical and the limitless. 

I believe, that when the twins are on speaking terms (as this energy is all about communication) then we can inhabit our bodies wisely and coherently. However, when we are not connected or even aware of anything beyond our physical minds then we become the arrogant king, who isn’t aware that they have lost all their power.
Ruled by Mercury, this god is the jester, the fool who plays the gods against each other because only he can flit from one realm to the other, carrying messages of wisdom or folly. It is left to us to decipher which the messages contain.

Sadly, we now inhabit a world that is caught up in a whirlwind of too much information with no guidance system to help us know what to believe and what to discard. The only guidance we had we threw out with the bathwater centuries ago when we went down the path that crushed the emotional wisdom that we hold in our body, in particular in our heart and our gut. 

Of course we are not to blame, we chose this journey as an experience of being human (as we have done many times before) so that we could choose to take the hero’s journey, through the dark night of the soul and find our way home.

We can only do this if we face all aspects of ourselves, the issues that are easy and those that are difficult, and decide to raise our awareness above the mindset of the arrogant king. Then we can climb down from our pedestal to understand what it is to be the wise fool. As the jester we can regain our sense of humour and expand our consciousness. From this vantage point we can start to grow, to communicate as whole human beings and find the balance we need to be able to listen to our inner guidance. 

I watch despondently, yet another G7 Summit, as the information, and our sloth-like actions start to stack up against us. Our ability to make the necessary changes we need to right the misjudgements of previous actions against our environment seems painfully lacking. 

My sense is that our only chance is to start believing in magic; what happens when we work together and imagine our way out of this crisis with our hearts, minds and bodies wide open to ideas beyond the usual tried and tested formulae. We need something right out of the box.

We will soon arrive at the Summer Solstice and begin the journey, once more, into the long, dark nights. Let’s hope this year we might stop running away from what needs to be done, and just begin to step into this without fear of making changes and without blaming others to such an extent we prevent ourselves from taking any personal action. We can only do this together with full self-responsibility and determination.

Thursday, 13 May 2021

The Land Speaks; But Who is Listening?

 What a spring we are having. Nothing like last year; a proper spring with rain and sun and even some hail! This time of year is always so beautiful whatever the weather. For me, it’s even more special because I know it’s fundamental to who I am and who I am not. When Mother Nature comes to life and expresses herself in this incredibly abundant way, she is asking us to do the same; to feel how plentiful life is just in the simple things. She shows us how gratitude helps us to feel that our cup is full. This is something no material objects can offer. This is just a felt sense of wealth in the joy of being alive.

The more I grow into this way of being the more I realise how little I understood this, how far I was from being able to embody this - when it is all about embodiment - and how far I have yet to go. 

I sense the world is also struggling with this concept, that we have an in-built feeling of being impoverished and it has been handed down from previous generations so that the younger generations are not just feeling poor in spirit, many feel that fear is fundamental to their lives, and for some, that life is almost worthless.

This fills me with great sadness.

I know I have lived a fortunate life and have been lucky enough to see everything as an opportunity. When events are offered on a grand scale like the one we are experiencing now as a race, I believe, this is an opportunity we would be foolish to ignore. I feel that this time could be a really important moment to re-evaluate what is happening in our society. We have created real problems that are felt collectively and have been feeling for so long, I sense we have become numb to them. Is it possible that the pandemic has highlighted some of these in a way that is not just asking but demanding that we open our hearts and eyes to what is really going on in our communities? 

The other night I attended a zoom meeting by the organisation Shelter. They spoke about the struggles suffered by a high number of our population in this country who are not having their basic needs met, who are living in substandard living conditions with no feeling of security in their tenure, paying high rents and are terrified of speaking out for fear of eviction.

On the other side we have landlords terrified of their tenants that they are going to damage their property or refuse to pay rent or are just bad people.

It’s a shocking state of affairs. Our basic needs are all wrapped up in how we live, our homes, our security and our ability to put food on the table. If this lacks stability or worse, is non-existent for a high proportion of people in this country, then we are a country in crisis, It is time to truly own this and decide as a nation that a we cannot continue like this if we want our children to grow up healthy and with abundance in their hearts.. 

Watching what is going on in Jerusalem at the moment, my heart feels overwhelmed with grief. The situation there, in what I believe is the spiritual heart of the world, acts as a mirror for us and it is a perfect way, if we can view the issues objectively, by looking through someone else's eyes, to look at ourselves.

I do believe we have a choice, I believe we can decide to turn things around. We might choose to start looking at our relationship to our humanity, our inability to feel the plight of others. If we did, might we be prepared to stand up and do something about it as a nation? This general sense of lacking in empathy can be reflected in our relationship with Mother Earth; the way we are blind to the wake of destruction we create and dissociated from the fact that this could bring about our own destruction. Are our senses so frozen that we cannot wake up to this reality? 

I believe that through limitation comes expansion, yet if we are determined to simply get back to normal after the pandemic and miss this huge opportunity for change, what will it take to shake us out of our malaise?

I know I am not alone in wanting to do something but feeling too small and insignificant, against the tide of collective inertia, to make the shift we so desperately need. 

I can only trust that by continuing to connect with Mother Earth and her limitless bounty, she will show me how, from this place of rootedness, to move into action in a way that has a power born out of peace and grace. It is the children who will show us the way and so I entreat you to plug in, feel the life force of Mother Nature within, and follow their lead.