Thursday, 13 May 2021

The Land Speaks; But Who is Listening?

 What a spring we are having. Nothing like last year; a proper spring with rain and sun and even some hail! This time of year is always so beautiful whatever the weather. For me, it’s even more special because I know it’s fundamental to who I am and who I am not. When Mother Nature comes to life and expresses herself in this incredibly abundant way, she is asking us to do the same; to feel how plentiful life is just in the simple things. She shows us how gratitude helps us to feel that our cup is full. This is something no material objects can offer. This is just a felt sense of wealth in the joy of being alive.

The more I grow into this way of being the more I realise how little I understood this, how far I was from being able to embody this - when it is all about embodiment - and how far I have yet to go. 

I sense the world is also struggling with this concept, that we have an in-built feeling of being impoverished and it has been handed down from previous generations so that the younger generations are not just feeling poor in spirit, many feel that fear is fundamental to their lives, and for some, that life is almost worthless.

This fills me with great sadness.

I know I have lived a fortunate life and have been lucky enough to see everything as an opportunity. When events are offered on a grand scale like the one we are experiencing now as a race, I believe, this is an opportunity we would be foolish to ignore. I feel that this time could be a really important moment to re-evaluate what is happening in our society. We have created real problems that are felt collectively and have been feeling for so long, I sense we have become numb to them. Is it possible that the pandemic has highlighted some of these in a way that is not just asking but demanding that we open our hearts and eyes to what is really going on in our communities? 

The other night I attended a zoom meeting by the organisation Shelter. They spoke about the struggles suffered by a high number of our population in this country who are not having their basic needs met, who are living in substandard living conditions with no feeling of security in their tenure, paying high rents and are terrified of speaking out for fear of eviction.

On the other side we have landlords terrified of their tenants that they are going to damage their property or refuse to pay rent or are just bad people.

It’s a shocking state of affairs. Our basic needs are all wrapped up in how we live, our homes, our security and our ability to put food on the table. If this lacks stability or worse, is non-existent for a high proportion of people in this country, then we are a country in crisis, It is time to truly own this and decide as a nation that a we cannot continue like this if we want our children to grow up healthy and with abundance in their hearts.. 

Watching what is going on in Jerusalem at the moment, my heart feels overwhelmed with grief. The situation there, in what I believe is the spiritual heart of the world, acts as a mirror for us and it is a perfect way, if we can view the issues objectively, by looking through someone else's eyes, to look at ourselves.

I do believe we have a choice, I believe we can decide to turn things around. We might choose to start looking at our relationship to our humanity, our inability to feel the plight of others. If we did, might we be prepared to stand up and do something about it as a nation? This general sense of lacking in empathy can be reflected in our relationship with Mother Earth; the way we are blind to the wake of destruction we create and dissociated from the fact that this could bring about our own destruction. Are our senses so frozen that we cannot wake up to this reality? 

I believe that through limitation comes expansion, yet if we are determined to simply get back to normal after the pandemic and miss this huge opportunity for change, what will it take to shake us out of our malaise?

I know I am not alone in wanting to do something but feeling too small and insignificant, against the tide of collective inertia, to make the shift we so desperately need. 

I can only trust that by continuing to connect with Mother Earth and her limitless bounty, she will show me how, from this place of rootedness, to move into action in a way that has a power born out of peace and grace. It is the children who will show us the way and so I entreat you to plug in, feel the life force of Mother Nature within, and follow their lead.

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

A Fresh Start

I love this time of year! Like a jack-in-a-box I feel like my energy is rejuvenated and the warm sunshine gets me out with a renewed enthusiasm for life. This is exactly what Mother Nature does to us and as we turn the wheel once more back to the beginning of the seasonal year after a long time in hibernation we are being asked to jump into action, get busy and get creative.

    And what a time of hibernation we have had, a time of such restriction and extreme on every level.

This has felt so frustrating for many, painful and traumatic for others and this is important to acknowledge. There are others, and I count myself in this group, who are very protected by the difficulties our society can throw at us and have come through this time, not only unscathed, but having learned and grown from this experience. For that I am truly grateful but I know I need to look at what is going on here and how to give back.

    I have spent the last year, learning and exploring the concept of collective trauma. This is something that gets passed down the generations and I believe that no one is spared of this, living in our modern world. Whether we were the winners or the losers in the many battles throughout history we carry the pain and pass it down to our offspring. This means that the new generation have those pain responses hard-wired into our psyche and our nervous system without the actual experience of the trauma itself. With each generation being brought up under this emotional strain there is an understanding that develops, that this is ‘normal’. The need to heal or even recognise it as a thing gets lost in the chaos we create out of the conflicts we build into our way of living together,

    Each new year is a chance to reinvent ourselves, to hook into Mother Nature’s natural impulses and emerge from our cocoon afresh, let go of our layers of pain and dig a little deeper to find the gold, the love, below. Each year we fail to do this and emerge the same as we always were.

    What will it take to drop further down into the wealth of healing available to us all? We will only take the first steps on this journey unless we are made aware of the possibilities that lie beyond the door we need to open first of all. 

Staying in our heads, within the limits of our ego mindsets will not help us find this. I believe we would do well to drop into our connection to Mother Earth and let her work through us. This is the energy of the archetype that this month carries, the ability to just be, let go of thought and judgement and tap into our creative selves, the part of us that knows the way forward instinctively, just as the trees and flowers grow out of the seed, so we can grow out of the huge ocean of love and compassion that lies beneath the sea of grief we all feel or numb ourselves from.

    Let’s not fear this journey but trust it is a path that once started can only lead to a better way of living, free from the pain we are terrified of looking in the eye, and free to blossom into who we are destined to be. 


Friday, 12 March 2021

Mixed Blessings

 What a month it’s been. Like a dog on a lead we’ve all been itching to get out of this confinement and spring into action. But like all things everything has its time. This month has been all about preparation, as the buds prepare to burst out from the winter’s stillness and the baby is preparing to leave the mother’s womb; timing is everything. The last stages of gestation cannot be rushed and no one understand this better than Mother Nature. Spending time with her is the blessing and the teaching. When we feel ourselves pulling against her and try and rush our way out of this she gently guides us and reins us in, if we choose to listen.

The Pisces constellation shows two fish bound together by a cord and held by a knot at a central point. They are pulling in opposite directions and here we find ourselves in polarity pulling against each other. The star that connects the two fish is called Typhon and is named after a great conflict in Greek Mythology and where we get the name typhoon.

It feels as if we are living in the middle of a storm, and finding the eye, the place of peace, at the core of this is vital. While we spend so much energy pitting our beliefs against each other, pulling in our directions of righteousness, I would like to call people to remember that conflict is gift, it is an opportunity to come together and respectfully learn from each other and grow.

Listening to an online talk by an American Rabbi i was drawn to a story about rope, about the fact that when a rope frays and we weave the broken ends back together, this part of the rope is stronger than any other part.

This is our opportunity to choose to work together to reconcile our conflicts, to surrender to the possibility that we may not be 100% right and that the ‘other’, who we believe we are in conflict with, might hold some of the answers too. Then we can grow back together stronger than ever because of the healing process we have chosen to work through.

There are always solutions to conflicts, when we are ready to let go of our fears, our need to control and our need to be right. This is our time. Let’s walk hand in hand with Mother Nature and let her guide us forward. She can teach us how to listen, empathise, slow down and nurture each other. 

Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Bringing our High Ideals Together?


This month I have been delving a little deeper into the relationships between ourselves and our community and how to solve the problems we find there. Frome is a very active town, working to find solutions to problems entrenched in our society. This is typical of the archetype of this month’s energy of Aquarius and how we address it is vital. We can either remain flying overhead, seeing the problems and endlessly discussing our high ideals or we can come down to earth and really engage. If we choose the latter, how we do this is crucial to our success.

One problem has been flying around my head for a long time now. I am increasingly distressed but at the same time curious about the great divide that is growing daily, between our beliefs, ideas for the future, and needs for the present. This is heightened by Social Media, of course. On top of this is an inability to see people who think differently from ourselves as having any iota of intelligence or goodness in them.

I sense that if we keep moving further to the extremities of our way of seeing things, whilst still believing ourselves to be in the right, we will never have a hope in resolving our differences or finding any harmony in our society.

Surely there is a better way. I know we all generally want the same things in life; peace, love and a feeling of belonging and anyone who doesn’t want those things i am really interested in hearing their wants. However, wanting the same things doesn’t mean we all look for them in the same way. This is what makes life interesting though, isn’t it? Imagine if we all thought the same way, what a dull world we’d inhabit.

However, I believe we are living in unprecedented times. We are going through a transition, an emergence into something quite new. Like the caterpillar that goes into the cocoon it has to breakdown completely before breaking out of it shell utterly changed. This means we are in a place that is unknown, uncharted territory, but we are also at the helm steering and creating as we go.

Having this power in our hands is quite frightening, but as with every hero’s journey it makes us strong. How are we going to come out of this and are we going to make it?

Personally, I believe that healing the divides that have come between us is paramount. 

I sense we are in two worlds at once, some people have their feet in the new, some are still in the old and some are straddling both. 

One subject that is causing great conflict is our medical system and particularly the virus and the vaccines that are being created to combat it. I am fascinated by the vitriol, the verbal abuse that is being hurled around and interestingly it is dividing sections of society I would have usually imagined, in most other circumstances, batting for the same team. My understanding is that much of the vitriol is created by the potential the Internet has to distort and muddy the truth. I am not going to go there.

What I want to consider is the fact that we are on the cusp of a new way of seeing the world, much like when the discovery was made that the world was round. I guess that for a long time both beliefs were held by many, until the new information became a norm (even though some, even today, dispute it).

Our world of medicine, for the last few decades, has been constructed around a world that only considers the physical dimensions. Centuries prior to this, a more mystical, spiritual view of healing was embraced. Although some held onto this ancient art of understanding the body and spiritual wisdom available to all, it was mostly stamped to by the witch burnings over the centuries. This created a fear around any use of, or the ability to connect and feel into these ways of being. 

Now they are returning and many people are beginning to truly understand the gifts that are freely available to use; simple ways of connecting to our greater body wisdom and natural healing energy. In recent decades, when transformational healing occurred without the intervention of modern medicine, it was called a miracle. Now miracles are occurring so often, as more people realise how beautiful this way of working is, it can no longer be seen as extraordinary. Of course, there are still many who choose to remain cynical and that is fine. It usually has to happen to yourself or someone close for you to believe it’s possible.

I believe that when a greater number of people begin to believe in the power of this healing and it becomes a norm then we will realise that there are choices available that will simplify our existence. Preventative medicine will be widely practised and our immune systems will be strong and capable of staving off even the harshest of viral diseases.

However, we are not there yet and at the moment we have people standing in both camps, both absolutely right in their beliefs, as both are real, but sadly, waiving their fists at each other.

How are we to solve this conundrum? How can we grow our perceptions so that we can encompass everyone’s beliefs, the old and the new, the physical and the holistic. Both are true, both make sense to the holder of their truth.

Things get messy when we let others take a possible truth and start manipulating it in order to create more chaos, more unrest and distress. This is the state of our Internet today and If we hold to this idea of righteousness at all cost and close our ears to the truth that others hold and we will all lose out in so many ways.

Let’s listen to what others have to say with kindness and take steps to come back to the middle ground where there is room for all to be heard. I would also invite people, rather than regurgitating what they have heard on an Internet platform, to speak from their hearts. Who knows what might emerge?

Friday, 15 January 2021

Aiming High

2021, a year of hope and opportunity? I certainly believe it’s possible, and I believe that ‘believing makes it so’! This is a phrase I received in a dream and have woven into many of my creative outpourings. It brings together so many of my aspirations and understandings of where we are as individuals and as a race; one being the mirror of the other.

We have experienced a truly challenging year and although we are still in the midst of it, how we come through it is up to us, it is in our hands. These winter months are a time of hibernation, a time to nurture the seed for spring growth and this month, in particular, is possibly the hardest of all; the long uphill journey through the darkest of days and so much of the winter still to go.

        Working with the archetypal aspects on offer here, we are being led by Saturn, our teacher and guide but also our limiter. Saturn shows us our limitations but, through this, teaches us how this can enable expansion. 

We have had a year of limitations, and if we can choose to find the positives in this way of being then we can certainly expand our horizons, like the caterpillar who, after going into the cocoon, transforms into the butterfly. This, however, entails the cells of the caterpillar to completely dissolve into a fluid which is made up of some cells called imaginal cells. Imaginal cells are undifferentiated cells, which means they can go into a state of metamorphosis and transform into any type of cell. Saturn, representing time and death, is constantly inviting us to make such a transformation, to choose to see things in a different way. He asks us to find the joy in the hardest of journeys and to see death, not as an end, but as a opportunity to transform. 

It is up to us how and what we make of this opportunity. If we can choose to free ourselves of the shackles of fear, separation and conflict within ourselves, then we can create this freedom within our community. If we can respect the differences, choose to work together to heal the rifts between ourselves and our communities, we can learn to live with rather than struggle against the diversity and extremes in our points of view.

        Dissolving the fear, reactivity and lack of empathy we hold in our minds can bring about change beyond our imagination, but we have to believe it’s possible. If we make this something we can believe in then we can reach the top of the mountain and literally save our souls.

Capricorn, that sits at the top of the astrological wheel, represents our Mid-heaven, our divine purpose and also it represents our wealth and health as a community. Choosing to raise our vibration to such an extent that we make this evolutionary leap is our purpose for this time. 

We are stepping into a new era, the end of a period that has lasted 500 years, which is part of a greater cycle that lasted 5,000 years, (and another of 26,000 years) on our way to a golden age which, we are being asked to imagine will transform our world.

I believe we can make this leap and I believe that the more people who join me in this belief, together we can make it so.