Saturday, 6 May 2017

War and Peace

War and Peace

So I recently got back from a trip to the South of France and was hoping to view the visit with an objective eye. My main reason was initially, simply a break. After all the work I put into creating and launching my book and CD it was sorely needed. Second, I wanted to visit an old very close friend who had recently moved to the deepest part of Southern France. 
There is much to say about this area but I know a lot of people feel drawn to visit for many reasons. Whether you believe Mary Magdelene arrived there 2,000 years ago or not, the fact is, a group of people lived there in the time after Jesus’ death till 1209. At this time the Catholic church, terrified by their pure and non politicised beliefs, decided they were heretics and too dangerous to allowed to remain living there. And they did a pretty good job. My friend lives near Beziers and I felt a strong desire to visit the town where 20,000 people were massacred and go and sit in the church where 7.000 of those who sought refuge were slaughtered. 
This you might know from my last blog. What I find so hard is the fact that people today are so limited by the teachings we are handed down that very few can see the story for what, I believe, it is truly telling us.
The town today is burdened by this deed and did not feel blessed with the vibrant atmosphere one might expect in this sunny part of the world. I wonder why?! How can we shake off these political strangling belief systems that so shape our lives and prevent us from seeing what and who we are. We might think that those who were left, who won the battle of the Cathars would be victors. But actually we are now, collectively, slaves to those who forced us to commit atrocities on our fellow people and believe that they were less than ourselves. 
We are the walking wounded, cut off from our sense of empathy and told we should feel we are better than others. However, we just end up putting walls all around our hearts to protect ourselves from the feelings of pain and horror the act of committing these atrocities create inside us. This is not a taste of victory. This is oppression.
It is time to understand that the world is moving on. Scientists today are beginning to see how the new physics, the quantum world, is teaching us that we are all connected as one, bound in a field of energy, a force held by love. Grasping this new sense of reality could revolutionise the way we see ourselves in relation to each other and the whole world we inhabit, in an instant.
Last week, I was devastated to hear Question Time end without an answer to the comment put by a young man who basically said the only way Britain can remain a great world power is to keep our nuclear weapons. I, personally, cannot relate to any word of that sentence. It sounds like it is filled with fear, separation and a huge lack of self worth. 
It reveals to me the pain we are carrying as a nation. A truly great nation is one that sits in its own place of power, without fear or hatred to its neighbours. It interacts with the world from a place of benevolence and generosity, looking after its own and caring for its neighbours. A truly great nation would be the first to put the weapons down. Abolishing Trident would be the finest thing we could do as a nation. Our wealth would know no bounds; in our NHS, our schools and in the workplace and of course in our hearts. I know that there are a huge amount of people who do not agree with anything this young man said either. However, the programme ended with a huge round of applause which was ringing in my ears as I went to sleep. 

Just how far from any sense of love and connectedness do we have to get before people realise how we are being manipulated, sadly, quite a way yet. Please off set the balance and stay strong in your heart in peace and love for all.

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