Monday, 4 May 2015

A Vote from the Heart

 A Vote from the Heart.

Who would have thought it: that politics could change so rapidly in so short a time. Well may be nothing’s changed on the surface but underneath it all there are rumblings, of that I am sure.
I feel like I’ve been on a roller coaster since the end of 2013 when Russell Brand was interviewed by Paxman and new possibilities started bouncing around in my head. A dream I have had since I was about 15 began looking like it had roots and may be not just roots but green shoots.
Change is really an imperative and although part of me is worried that we will miss the boat the rest of me knows that the Earth is making a evolutionary shift and we are a part of that shift. It would be impossible for one to leap without the other, however, we do have a choice as to how we make that leap: we can choose a smooth ride or a bumpy one. I know which I’d prefer.
Politics has always interested me but I never really got myself involved other than the odd discussion and voting. Now I have become as fully politicised as I can handle! I have, for the first time, joined a party, and never have I felt so positive about the growth of a new movement. Knowing that revolution is rarely a good thing, evolution has to be the way forward. The growth of the Green Party over the last few decades and now in the last few months, seems as perfect, for me, as the early stages of growth of any living being could be: slow, sure and steadfast. 
Ultimately I would call myself an anarchist in the truest sense of the word, believing that when people understand themselves fully and know that what is best for them is also best for everyone, we will come to a place where we will be totally self-governing. I also understand that it feels like it will take a long time for humans to arrive this point, may be centuries. But at the same time I also feel that once the idea takes hold and a few people truly get it, like the hundred monkeys theory, we will all get it and just maybe that’s not as far as away as we think. I always believe in being an optimist but in the interim we need a positive direction.
The quantum scientists are saying that the world we create in our imagination becomes our reality, that is fact and we can no longer see our existence here in this world as mere observers. It is now understood that our presence has a direct effect on our environment. So it is up to us. What kind of world do we want to live in for ourselves and create for our children? Our world of disappearing habitats, growing corruption and poverty in mind and body is a direct response to the belief that we think we cannot have better. That is an old-school belief system hard wired into us with generations looking back and seeing how things never seem to get better but not understanding that it takes a leap of faith to choose to make the change.
My mother told me she is a realist so she is voting Labour. And I agreed with her, she is a realist, she is continually creating her own reality and her reality is one where she believes we do not deserve better than what we have now. I told her that some of us have to dare to dream, to want to bring into being the chance of a reality where everyone has their basic needs met and that that is not impossible, but can be a reality if we dare to choose it.
This week is not going to see any changes on the surface. We are going to end up with a Labour or a Conservative government. I am very excited about what cocktail we might end up with, though we may just plump for the bumpy ride and get a Conservative government. I understand that my actions might help create that catastrophe but where I live there is no chance of a Labour candidate getting in and it is anyone’s guess between Conservative, Lib Dem or Green. However, I have elected to vote with my heart for the Green Party, as for me, tactical voting belongs to history and old realities. If you walk around my town centre the only posters you’ll see are green ones and it feels like a huge majority of the heart of the town has come together in this way. It’s a very amazing feeling and although it’s only a start I feel like the green shoots are showing that we are choosing a better way. The more people see that others are making that choice the more they’ll feel confident to join in the movement back to our hearts.
It may take years, it may take generations but to know that I am a part of making this new heart led community grow fills me with joy. Join me on thursday and vote with your heart.