Monday, 26 May 2014

Unity Now!

Towards the end of last year I had a growing sense that at last the change that I had been hoping for since I was 15 years old and particularly since the new Millennium arrived, was possible. 
Having finished the third book by Neale Donald Walsh "Conversations with God' in October of last year and hearing Russell Brand interviewed by Paxman I knew that bigger energies were at play here.
I began asking around to see what was already in place but had trouble connecting with anything substantial. So, I had an idea of putting out something myself to see what I could bring in. I thought about creating a facebook page that would start trying to link up all the people I knew thought like me, to create a body of people all working for change for the better.
With the Universal energy working alongside me it wasn’t long before I was sent a link to a website that had just been put up that is already starting to do all that I was hoping to do, called UnityNow
I immediately contacted them and now I am excited to join forces with them. 
Below is a piece I put together after my first meeting with the founders of this wonderful project. I hope you’ll read it and visit and connect with their website.
Please then pass it on so we can build a larger community that will by its nature begin to bring change to our world.
I would love to hear any response you have to this and am more than happy to discuss this further.
Thank you
All love Vicki x 

I Have a Dream

I have a dream 
   I am aware that when we dream everything that we dream is us
   Everything is our thoughts reflected back at ourselves in the form of the story of the dream 
   I am now aware that our living reality is exactly the same 
   As our scientists now tell us, we are all connected by this cosmic interconnected golden web of atoms and electrons. 
   We have all come from the same spark of life 14 billion years ago and so every atom is ourselves looking back at us and our life story, that we are constantly dreaming, or rather creating, reflects this.
So when I say ‘I have a dream’ I am saying that I am choosing to create a new reality for myself 
   and therefore everyone 
and I have chosen that in this new reality I, and therefore we, deserve better.

Because I believe that many others are also choosing this reality, I know that it is possible because we have brought in this amazing internet world, this amazing world, wide web, to facilitate this. 
   the Internet is simply a physical manifestation of how we now understand the universe works
   Its creation has come about at this time because we are now ready to make the choice to be connected in the physical world in a way that reflects how we already are in the higher dimensions.

I have a dream and in this dream we as a human race choose to connect in a way that serves us all, in a way that brings us altogether as one in a state of love and harmony. 
   As always, we humans, when we create something new, have a choice whether we use it in a way that serves us or in a way that doesn’t.

To achieve this state of unity, enough of us have to choose to love ourselves and forgive ourselves for our past stories completely 
   as by loving and forgiving ourselves we are loving and forgiving everyone 
and move forward into a place of peace, into a place where everyone has enough. This is already a reality we simply have to choose it to make is our reality now. 

As Tony Benn said “If we have enough money to kill people then we have enough money to help people.”
Please join me in choosing this new reality as we start to join up all the dots and connect to this group.
UnityNow is a non-profit, politically, socially and culturally non-partisan organisation, championing the joint interest of all humans and all life on this planet. and on facebook