Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Power of Music

The Power of Music

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream,

A dream you dream together is reality."

John Lennon

I don't really want to say too much about this subject really as it should speak for itself and so many have already said so much.
This is my life, as a musician, as a teacher and a healer. To me there is no separation and music does all the work. The vibrations and the places it takes you goes beyond anything else in this world except love and light. The thing about music though is that it brings people together in so many ways and the words remind us of this whether we are talking about harmony or good vibrations etc. To me everything, the universe, is made up of vibrations or frequencies whether it's light, sound, brain waves radio waves or solid beings such as ourselves and the earth which we all know vibrates with the understanding of string theory. The higher the vibration the higher and lighter the density and energy. All this carries its own wisdom and if we take time to listen it teaches us just by our connection to it. We just have to learn to join in and sing along.
I have had the good fortune to catch a wonderful television programme about Paul Simon's Graceland and the controversy it brought up. It was a beautiful story though hampered with issues from the start. All those old enough to remember those dark times of trying to resolve the apartheid situation in South Africa, although it is far from over like any political crises it takes more than a few years to heal, music certainly played its part. Paul Simon was severely criticised for working alongside the black South Africans as were the South Africans. They thankfully laughed at the politicians and said you can't victimise us twice! They all stuck to their guns and chose to write and play music that defined an era. They chose to write songs not of a political nature but about what they as brothers loved to sing about most, that has made the album timeless. 25 years on and Paul Simon recognised and apologised for going against rules that had to be upheld if the politics was going to work, but knew he had to do it anyway. The ANC are finally at a place that Paul Simon was at all along and recognise that the music rides above all politics, above race and all issues we humans choose to cling to and forgave him whilst also feeling humbled by the wisdom of the music the musician carries with them everywhere they go. It was a beautiful moment. Music can break down all barriers and create accordance, love and harmony for all those who wish to participate and sing the universal song together. I leave it to you if you'd wish to join in.