Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Money makes the World go Around

Money Makes the World go Around

Four years ago it was explained to me that Pluto, the planet or rather ex-planet as it has now been demoted, entered Capricorn in 2007. It was also explained that Pluto holds a very special energy. It represents our shadow aspect of self. From its distant place in our cosmos it is not interested in us as individuals only as a global community. As it has journeyed through the previous signs it has offered us many challenges. In the Eighties Pluto entered Scorpio, its ruling sign. Scorpio is all about transformation and deals with the taboo aspects of our society, ones we do not like to face like sex and death. Highlighting the shadow aspect of this sign, in the Eighties we had to contend with the tragedy of Aids on a global level.
In the Nineties Pluto slipped into Sagittarius. This is the sign of finding your voice; your truth. This is the journey of the spiritual quest. In this time we had to deal with Fundamentalism and this reared its head throughout many of our religious cultures it seemed. In the summer of 2006 Pluto entered Capricorn: the world of business and wealth and we had the collapse of Northern Rock. Then Pluto retrograded out of Capricorn and everyone breathed a sigh as it was believed that it was just a blip. 2007 and Pluto re-entered Capricorn fully and the world recession began. As the banks and the City did its best to prevent the walls of their castle from crashing down, such is their power that they can create any illusion to make it look good. However their smoke and mirrors could only last for so long before some began to look behind the veil and see through the trickery. This month the news has been filled with many being brought to account. What will the future bring?
Pluto stays in each sign for about 17 years and it pulls no punches. It cares not for the king, nor the peasant, only that the light be held up so that all the shadows are illuminated for what they are. It is our choice as a community to let this time be one of change for the good, sweep away the energy that does no service to us as a whole and rediscover what money and wealth really offers.
For me money is an energy, something that if it is allowed to flow in and out without blocks then there is always plenty for all and the river can flow to all our doors. The problems start when we forget to go with its flow, living in a place of fear then people begin to hoard their money, damming the river so those living below the dam go without. The energy of fear is the main block. It causes people to either grab all they can at any cost or buy into the idea that there is not enough and go without.
At the moment there are dams all through our system. Though the big ones are at the top so that many live in poverty while few have wealth beyond belief, as a community I believe we can let the positive energy rise through our pyramid of wealth by letting go of our fear at the bottom of the pile. We can start to release the grip those at the top have on our financial system and bring those castle walls down. If we choose not to buy into the fear of recession but learn to value only what we need, we can start building a truly wealthy society.

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